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Artist Bio

Not from the hood, not from Hollywood.  I bet you've never heard of a White Collar Rapper.

₤₤ Lex Lawless

Main Entry: lex Pronunciation: \'leks\ Function:noun Inflected Form(s):plural le·ges \la-(,)gas\ Etymology: Latin leg-, lex : LAW

The short of the long of it is this... I'm sick of the gutless, watered-down, regurgitated commercialized bullshit called "music" that the Major Record labels put out.  You turn on the radio and that's what you hear, songs full of brainless lyrics about nothing but sex, bitches, love, lust, bling bling, money, drugs, broken hearts, little girlie and boy dramas, and blah blah blah! 

Music videos resemble soft porn rather than artistic talent.  Well fuck them and all the Producers and Marketing sluts that keep pushing out this fictitious depiction of reality.  No one dares to use music to say anything important nowadays.  What about the unjust wars perpetrated by the imperialists, the corruption of the banks and the financial system, the corruption of the governments who support them.  All you serfs and pygmy brained peons neither know nor care about it because you're too busy catching up on Hollywood and MTV goss and running the rat race to achieve the lifestyle of a music video.

And with commercialized music, yes, it's all about being mainstream and playable on radio stations, music videos, video games, and TV commercials.  So you have a bunch of uneducated delinquent artists putting out bullshit to educate this mindless sea of sheeple to create a new generation of fuckwits.  Well as long as they sell units that's really the bottom line ain't it.  And as long as you get your asses shaking to the beat and get your fix on unreality to escape your reality, I guess everyone's happy.  Well if that's what you want then that's what you're not getting here.  I'll give you a dose of reality cause I am here to wreak havoc on this godforsaken world.




Professor Fritz Ulrich Knox

Executive Producer and Creative Director  [aka Prof Knox and Dr. F.U.K ]

Prof Knox is the Professor and Chair of the Faculty of Lawlessness at the Lex Lawless School of Hard Knox. He is the foremost authority on socially unacceptable behaviour and he delivers lessons to budding NED freaks and neophytes by taking the piss out of every neuropathological design flaw in the human brain through hardcore rap lyrics and heavy bassline beats.

He also does extensive research in geopolitics, the International Banking structure and the hidden agenda that drives the Military Industrial Complex and the political and economic structures that are shaping the New World Order. His raison d'être is to seek truth in midst of the smoke screen of lies that permeates our corporate media, corporate policy and marketing, religion and churches, government, political ideologies, military, legal system, law enforcement, schools and universities, and cultural and social institutions of patriotism and identity.

The man behind the music composition, song writing, recording, mixing, and mastering of "The Invisible Man" album. With no formal music background, he has an ear for chord progressions, melodies, basslines, and percussion to create a unique sound that captures the emotion and theme of a particular track.  Not bound by a particular style of music, his productions utilize a variety of sounds and instruments that crosses the borders of multiple genres.

Public Service Announcement:

It is the desire to define one's identity through these institutions that divides the human race. People who are not conscious of their blind acceptance of their identity from social and institutional brainwashing will be easily influenced by mob mentality and the elite class of masterminds that intend to control them. Having acute awareness of yourself will allow you to decide whether you want to be control of you mind, or have it controlled by the elite.


Lex Lawless "The Invisible Man"


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Swedish Hero Lex Lawless

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